Walking in the Way of the Jag

At New Roads, young people learn to walk in the way of the Jag, making mindful choices that reflect our most cherished values. Those who walk in the way of the Jag are “filled with wellbeing and continue to serve [their] fellow humans with compassion and the integrity of an open heart.”  When we cheer at New Roads, we undeniably want our young people to win, yet the roar of the crowd is amplified in recognition of our athletes who practice walking in the way of the Jag.

During their journey through New Roads, our young people strive to internalize and act upon the values that embody the Jag Spirit.

The Jag

Rooted in the wisdom of ancient cultures, the Jag at New Roads represents curiosity, strength, ferocity, protection, integrity, compassion, kindness, valor, depth of vision, and foresight. Jags possess the courageous character to take the road untravelled to liberate their full unique human potential and to serve the common good.

The Intentions and Practices

Speak from the Heart
Listen from the Heart
Be Lean
Be Spontaneous
Be Authentic
Be Creative
Be Compassionate
Be Empathic
Be Courageous
Be Curious
Be Mindful
Cultivate intuition
Trust inner voice
Act with Integrity
Speak up for the voiceless
Seek to understand, not to judge
Be Kind
Read the Field
Embrace the humanity of others
Be open to contradictory and complementary points of view
Be a Bridge Builder
Serve the Common Good