Support Overview

We the people of New Roads democratize opportunity — opportunity that’s limitless. We do that by raising funds that expand possibilities for everyone: training for faculty, rejuvenation of facilities, and of course financial aid. In seeking these resources, we do so not just for the sake of acquiring more or better or newer, but in order to better fulfill our educational promise to every student in our care.

Generosity of spirit underpins our core commitments to authentic diversity and to the pursuit of justice, equity, and opportunity. By supporting our community with philanthropy and volunteerism, we embody these values for our children. We ask everyone to make a gift that is meaningful to their family — a gift that signals your commitment to making New Roads as good as it can be for your child and for everyone.
Contact the Development Office:

Candice Rosales
Director of Development
Phone: 310-828-5582 x 407
Raquel Castellanos
Senior Development Database and Research Manager
310.828.5582 x 142
Calista Kamson
Marketing, Communications, and Advancement Manager
310.828.5582 x 618