Tuition & Fees

Application Fee: $125
Non-refundable, due with application for each child.

Student Enrollment Fee: $2,155
Non-refundable, one-time fee per new student.

Deposit: $5,000
Non-refundable, this deposit is applied to tuition, and is due with your signed contract.

2021-2022 tuitions are:
Grades K-5: $34,110
Grades 6-12: $42,180
International Program: $52,945
Spectrum Program: $55,640

One Payment Plan: Total tuition due by July 5 or July 20, 2021
Two Payment Plan: Half tuition due by July 5 or July 20, 2021; Second half of tuition due December 5 or December 20, 2021 (includes finance charges)
Ten-payment Plan: Ten equal monthly payments from July 5 or July 20, 2021 to April 1, 2022 (includes finance charges)

Tuition Refund Plan
**2021-2022 rate is 1.7%
This insurance is under-written by a third party and provides for a percentage of refund of your tuition in the event of separation from the school during the year.

Student Activity Fees
Grades K-5: $2,155
Grades 6-8: $2,695
Grades 9-12: $2,965
This is a one-time yearly fee to cover the annual cost of general supplies, school publications (including yearbooks), day and overnight trips, athletics fees, as well as lab and testing fees.

Book Costs
Grades 6-12: $100-$400

Optional Charges 
Grades K-5: Full year daily after-school care: $3,550 ($1,775 per semester); Occasional care: $30 per day