Middle School

Every Middle School student has a unique schedule. In order to balance structure and freedom, we provide both an educational habitat full of rich cerebral challenges key to the mastery of core academic knowledge and skills, and myriad electives that illuminate areas of curiosity to be pursued in greater depth in high school and/or life.
Because our Middle School is intentionally small, we develop trusting, caring relationships, which enable us to know and meet our students where they are socially, emotionally, and intellectually. A focus on the habits and routines of effective studentship are embedded across the disciplines and within the advisory program. Our interdisciplinary approach illustrates how diverse subject matter can be integrated to approach real-world problems. Middle Schoolers advocate for things that move them, conscious of the responsibility and potential that come along with activism and community citizenship. Though this stage of the adolescent journey is serious, we always remember that these are children who need to laugh, play, and have fun.

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