Parent Village

It truly “takes a village” and you are an essential member of New Roads’ Parent Village - we can’t be US without you: every individual’s unique voice, perspective, talents, abilities and time are needed and valued.

“We believe that education must not only be about the mastery of foundational facts, knowledge, and skills, but a joint venture among students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders in the educational village of greater Los Angeles. We must also cultivate habits of mind, habits of character, an ever expanding awareness of the human situation, and the tools needed for intellectual, social, political, and moral participation as well as personal fulfillment. To be truly supportive of young people, our village — teachers, parents, and other adults — must themselves continue to learn so that they may perceive the young accurately and treat them wisely.”
- from the New Roads statement of philosophy 

Joined by a common set of beliefs and purposes, New Roads School parents, administrators, and faculty embark upon a partnership that requires us not only to support our children’s intellectual growth, but to engage in our own continual and personal process of learning. The PV is a vital source for connection, community and friendship anchored in this shared responsibility to our children and to ourselves.

The PV seeks to provide opportunities for family engagement that both mirror and support New Roads singular approach to inspired education. The PV embraces the school’s mission, shares its core values, and fully supports its curriculum, faculty, administration, and staff.   

The PV Aspires to:

  • Support the first fundamental commitment on which New Roads rests: “The development of a diverse community in which all differences - personal, cultural economic, ethnic, racial - become a framework for learning and for bringing people together.”
  • Provide support and resources to New Roads School for the benefit and educational growth of our students and the realization of our Statement of Philosophy.  
  • Provide parents with opportunities to form relationships within an authentically diverse community and engage in meaningful discussion and exploration of issues surrounding race, ethnicity, gender, religion and social justice.
  • Offer programming and resources for continued education on parenting, health and human development and education topics.
  • Foster a cooperative working relationship and effective communication among New Roads parents, administrators, faculty, and staff.
  • Facilitate and encourage parent participation on all levels.
  • Provide opportunities and training for parents to participate appropriately and productively in the fulfillment of the School’s Mission.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to support the strategic fundraising and mission-driven priorities of School.
We look forward to seeing you at the first Parent Village gathering on September 11th at 6pm in the Leadership Center.