Student Life

Our climate and culture function as a metaphysical container for the integration of our academic, co-curricular, and human development programs. This is also the integrative domain in which we affirm our commitment to DEIJB (diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging), PWI (peace, wellness, and inclusion), calling in versus calling out as the primary method of relational engagement in our community, and the Way of the Jag, which is essentially a shorthand synthesis of all of these human development driven measures. Our focus on climate and culture derives from years of cultivating the best practices for the realization of the optimal conditions for teaching, learning, transformation, and personal liberation, an ongoing iterative effort that is an essential aspect of who we are as an educational institution. The purpose of this approach is to ensure that every student feels authentically seen, heard, valued, and affirmed by a variety of educators within our village. It goes without saying that in a radically diverse environment such as ours this can appear to be a tall order to fill. Remember that you are not alone. We’re all going to walk through this often messy process together. 

New Roads three pillars of DEIJB & Wellness:
  1. Radical Inclusion
  2. Relational Orientation
  3. Holistic Integration

All-School Meetings & Town Halls

Nowhere is the feeling of the New Roads experience better represented than during weekly All-School Meetings (Elementary School) and weekly Town Halls (Middle School and Upper School). At these meetings, each campus gathers to discuss issues affecting the school, the students, and the larger community. Anyone who wishes to may speak: to advocate, honor, applaud, celebrate, vent, organize, or inform.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership Congress is the manifestation of our mission at work. The faculty-supervised Student Leadership Congress (SLC) of the Upper School is responsible for planning and implementing activities, representing the school at conferences, and serving as the liaison between the student body and the administration. SLC aims its energy at strengthening the sense of community, both on and off campus, for everyone connected to the school. While the majority of the work centers on civic involvement, social justice, and environmental action, Student Leadership Council also incorporates frivolous fun into life on campus. From organizing protests and charitable collection drives to plotting out the annual Pie Day Thanksgiving celebration, SLC enriches day-to-day life at New Roads.

At the Middle School, Student Council is comprised of students who participate in Leadership, a special program that allows students to design and lead school service projects and campus activities with teacher mentors.


An essential part of the New Roads experience is championing the causes and issues we believe in. The just future we envision can only come to pass if we advocate for justice and equity across our society. Whether they are speaking up for the rights of ethnic and racial minorities, the differently abled, the LGBTQ+ community, or any other marginalized people, we empower our students to raise their voices to call out injustice and take action for change. This commitment to social justice advocacy is a defining characteristic of the New Roads community. “Until we are all free,” wrote the poet Emma Lazarus. “We are none of us free.”

Student Clubs

New Roads’ Student Clubs give students opportunities to explore new interests, develop new passions and have fun. Our clubs are suggested and driven by students and managed collaboratively by student leaders and faculty mentors.

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  • Middle School Clubs

    Anime Club
    X-Wing Club
    Car Club
    HERO Club (LGBTQ Youth)
    Democalypse Club
  • Upper School Clubs and Affinity Groups

    Anime/Animation Club
    Art Club
    Asian Student Union (ASU)
    Black Girls Unite (BGU)
    Black Student Union (BSU)
    Civil Discourse Club
    Comedy Club
    Dungeons & Dragons Club
    Gender and Sexuality Union (GSU) Human Rights Watch: Student Task Force
    “Humans” Robotics Team
    The Jaguardian (Journalism)
    Latinos Unidos
    Multiracial Student Union (MRSU) Political Action Club
    Progressive Video Game Club
    Roots and Shoots
    Speech & Debate
    Student Leadership Congress
    Trans Non-Binary Student Union (TNBSU) Women of Color Alliance