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At New Roads School we regard education as an active and ongoing quest to develop the habits of mind, character, awareness and participation that will allow young people to thrive as they begin to take a larger role in making their communities and their world. Our commitment to this quest is manifested in the genuine diversity of our school community. We fully and intentionally reflect the mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs that make up Los Angeles in the 21st century.

Life at New Roads is tremendously fun, but we ask a great deal of our students. Education, for us, is not a race for the accumulation of facts; rather our programs challenge students of all ages to build upon their natural curiosity, to seek and evaluate the information to satisfy it, and to use the information they acquire to delve deeply and critically into their studies. We give students a solid conceptual and analytic foundation from which they can launch their own explorations, and develop and pursue their own passions. In addition to the traditional academic disciplines, our varied offerings at all levels in the arts, technology, physical education, human development, community service, environmental and ethics education offer multiple avenues for discovery, investigation and expression, consistent with established state and national guidelines for excellence.

School, at its best, is a place where young people feel safe to explore their emerging uniqueness as they encounter new ideas, friends, family, and the world beyond. This is best accomplished when all the adults in a young person’s life work in concert, and so we ask parents to join our teachers and their children as part of a community of learners.

As a college preparatory school, New Roads is committed to preparing students to excel as they move on in their studies. However, we recognize that human beings are far more multi-dimensional than even the broadest-based college curriculum, and so we strive for more. Our hope, our goal, is that every young person leave New Roads not only more able to succeed at what we’ve come to know as “school work,” but feeling more self-assured, healthier, happier, more compassionate, more courageous, and more eager to learn than when he or she arrived.
Right from the start New Roads has been a community of a different color than most. Although many things differentiate our approach to education - a curriculum informed by issues of social justice and ecological sanity, a vigorous effort to make our teaching reflect the most current, salient and powerful insights about how young people learn – none is more significant than the unwavering commitment by all participants in our community to preserving our founding commitment to broad and genuine diversity as a unique educational resource. Diversity of race, ethnicity, cultural background, socioeconomic status and learning style; a community that accurately reflects and appreciates the kaleidoscope of cultures and communities that make up Los Angeles…that is our world. We have believed from the beginning that our commitment matters not just because it is right, but because it makes education richer, truer, and more valuable for our students.

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New Roads School is a college preparatory K-12 private independent school in Santa Monica, CA, serving over 650 school age children from the greater Los Angeles area. New Roads School provides an inspired educational program from which an authentically diverse student population, mirroring the rich diversity of Los Angeles, develops a personal dedication to learning, a respect for independent thinking, and an expanding curiosity about the world and its people.