The New Roads Athletics Program offers a vital learning experience for the advanced and developing athlete alike.
New Roads student-athletes are taught to thrive in our unique school culture and learning environment, and to apply those teachings to appreciate the privilege and responsibility of athletic competition at the highest level. Our goal is for students to become better people while at the same time striving in the most competitive arena. Students participating in athletics at New Roads are instilled with the principles of teamwork, integrity, dedication, balance, and how to push themselves beyond their own expectations – values that enhance their pursuit of success on and off the field of play.
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Our Teams

Upper School

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  • Fall

    Girls Varsity Cross Country
    Boys Varsity Cross Country
    Girls Varsity Tennis
    Girls Varsity Volleyball
    Girls JV Volleyball
  • Winter

    Girls Varsity Basketball
    Boys Varsity Basketball
    Boys JV Basketball
    Girls Varsity Soccer
    Boys Varsity Soccer

  • Spring

    Boys Varsity Baseball
    Girls Varsity Swimming
    Boys Varsity Swimming

    Boys Varsity Tennis
    Girls Varsity Track & Field

    Boys Varsity Track & Field

Middle School

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  • Fall

    Girls Cross Country
    Boys Cross Country
    Girls Volleyball
    Girls Swimming
    Boys Swimming
  • Winter

    Girls Basketball
    Boys Basketball
    Girls Soccer
    Boys Soccer
  • Spring

    Boys Baseball
    Girls Track & Field
    Boys Track & Field
    Co-ed Tennis

Elementary School

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