• Lutheren


Luthern Williams
Head of School

310-828-5582 x 504
Harvard University, Masters of Education
University of Pennsylvania, BA
    • Ryan


Ryan Hawley
Associate Head of School
Spectrum Program Co-Director

310-828-5582 x 206
California State University Northridge, MA, School Administration
Indiana University, BA
    • Jeff


Jeff Guckert
Upper School Director

310-828-5582 x 404
Stanford University, PhD, Chemistry
Furman University, BS & MS, Chemistry

    • Alison_5


Alison Miller
K-8 Director

310-828-5582 x 406
Ithaca Collge, BA, Drama
University of California Los Angeles, Masters of Education

    • Martha Champlin

      Martha Champlin

Martha Champlin
Dean of the Lower School

310-828-5582 x 602
DePaul University, M.ED, Elementary Education
DePaul University, BA, Marketing and Communications
Member, Association of Educational Therapists
    • mario


Mario Johonson
Director of Student Life, Access, Equity, and Inclusion

310-828-5582 x 213
Loyola Marymount University, B.A., Western Philosophy,
University of California Los Angeles, M.ED, Urban Education
    • Daniela


Daniela Pennise
Upper School Associate Director
and Dean of Studies
K- 12 Director of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment

310-828-5582 x 230
Antioch University, MA Education, Leadership, and Change
University of California, Santa Cruz, BA Latin American and Latino Studies
    • Elisa web

      Elisa web

Elisa Schultz
Spectrum Program Co-Director

310-828-5582 x 211
School Leaders Licensure Assessment Administrative Credential
Rutgers University, MA
Whittier College, BA, Psychology and Speech Pathology
    • Matt web

      Matt web

Matt Steinhaus
Athletic Director

310-828-5582 x 215
University of California at Santa Barbara, BA, Sociology
    • Lisa


Lisa Turcillo
Executive Manager of Administrative Operations

310-828-5582 x 207
University of Tennessee, MS, Curriculum and Instruction
California State University, Northridge, BA Liberal Studies
Montessori Certification, Early Childhood
    • Brae


Brae Casillas
Director of Human Resources

310-828-5582 x 604
Loyola Marymount University, BA, Sociology
Loyola Marymount University, Certificate, Human Resources Management
    • Zahir Robb

      Zahir Robb

Zahir Robb
Director of Admissions

310-828-5582 x 116
California State University Northridge, MA, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
San Diego State University, BA, History
    • YoonMi


Yoon Mi Checchi
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid

310-828-5582 x 209
University of Massachusetts Boston, Psychology
    • Candice


Candice Rosales
Director of Development

310-828-5582 x 407
State University of New York at Cortland, BA, Communications Studies
    • Dawn Fairchild

      Dawn Fairchild

Dawn Fairchild
Director of Communications and Marketing

310-828-5582 x 128
Georgia Southern University, BA, English
    • Mark


Mark Vickers-Willis
Director of Community Engagement

310-828-5582 x 214
University of Melbourne, BA, Politics/History
University of Melbourne, M.Teach, Humanities
University of Melbourne, M.Ed, Wellbeing
We the People of New Roads were made for this moment — it's why we were founded as a school. Solidarity and allyship are in our DNA. And we will continue to educate and liberate our youth to build a more equitable tomorrow.