• Lutheren

Luthern Williams
Head of School

310-828-5582 x 504
Harvard University, Masters of Education
University of Pennsylvania, BA
    • Ryan

Ryan Hawley
Associate Head of School

310-828-5582 x 206
California State University Northridge, MA, School Administration
Indiana University, BA
    • Jeff

Jeff Guckert
Upper School Director

310-828-5582 x 404
Stanford University, PhD, Chemistry
Furman University, BS & MS, Chemistry

Jemma Kennedy
Middle School Director

310-828-5582 x406
Columbia University, MA, School Leadership
University of Georgia, M.Ed, Mathematics Education
Mount Holyoke College, BA, Mathematics
    • Martha Champlin

Martha Champlin
Elementary School Director

310-828-5582 x 602
DePaul University, M.ED, Elementary Education
DePaul University, BA, Marketing and Communications
Member, Association of Educational Therapists
    • mario

Mario Johonson
Director of Student Well-Being and Human Development

310-828-5582 x 213
Loyola Marymount University, B.A., Western Philosophy,
University of California Los Angeles, M.ED, Urban Education
    • Daniela

Daniela Pennise
Assistant Head of School

310-828-5582 x 230
Antioch University, MA Education, Leadership, and Change
University of California, Santa Cruz, BA Latin American and Latino Studies
    • Elisa web

Elisa Schultz
Spectrum Program Director

310-828-5582 x 211
School Leaders Licensure Assessment Administrative Credential
Rutgers University, MA
Whittier College, BA, Psychology and Speech Pathology
Steve Stokes
Athletic Director

Concordia University Irvine, MA, Coaching and Athletics Administration
California State University Dominguez Hills, BA, Kinesiology
    • Lisa

Lisa Turcillo
Executive Manager of Administrative Operations

310-828-5582 x 207
University of Tennessee, MS, Curriculum and Instruction
California State University, Northridge, BA Liberal Studies
Montessori Certification, Early Childhood
    • Brae

Brae Casillas
Director of Human Resources

310-828-5582 x 604
Loyola Marymount University, BA, Sociology
Loyola Marymount University, Certificate, Human Resources Management
    • Zahir Robb

Zahir Robb
Director of Admissions

310-828-5582 x 116
California State University Northridge, MA, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
San Diego State University, BA, History
    • YoonMi

Yoon Mi Checchi
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid

310-828-5582 x 209
University of Massachusetts Boston, Psychology
    • Candice

Candice Rosales
Director of Development

310-828-5582 x 407
State University of New York at Cortland, BA, Communications Studies
    • Dawn Fairchild

Dawn Fairchild
Director of Communications and Marketing

310-828-5582 x 128
Georgia Southern University, BA, English
    • Mark

Mark Vickers-Willis
Director of Community Engagement

310-828-5582 x 214
University of Melbourne, BA, Politics/History
University of Melbourne, M.Teach, Humanities
University of Melbourne, M.Ed, Wellbeing
We the People of New Roads were made for this moment — it's why we were founded as a school. Solidarity and allyship are in our DNA. And we will continue to educate and liberate our youth to build a more equitable tomorrow.