Signature Programs

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  • Elementary School

    Signature programs really set New Roads apart, carving a path from Elementary School all the way through 12th Grade that promotes self-directed learning by urging students to discover their intellectual curiosities, and reinforces our values by exploring contemporary thinking and unconventional ideas. These programs in the Elementary School include Social Justice, Digital Music, Gardening, Yoga, Spanish and Art, Woodshop, and Dance.

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  • Middle School

    New Roads’ Human Development program picks up in Middle School, a developmentally active (and sometimes turbulent) time. Our Connections course helps students address personal, social, and moral challenges and cultivates their sense of character, well-being, and personal responsibility. They also gain access to grade-specific Interdisciplinary Studies, including Grade 6: LA Studies; Grade 7: Green Dream Team; and Grade 8: A Call to Action. Each student also compiles their work throughout the year to present in their End-of-the-Year Portfolio. Additional examples of past and current Signature Programs include The Workshop for Social, Economic, and Ecological Action; Humane Education; Design LA; Positive Psychology; Social Change Through Music; Fashion for Humanity; and Independent Reading.

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  • Upper School

    In Upper School, our Human Development program takes the form of Mysteries, a set of classes designed to help 9th-12th graders enhance self-esteem and learn a variety of techniques to make healthy, life-affirming, and responsible choices in their own lives. Those courses are: Identity and Empathy in 9th Grade; Relationships, Communication, Community in 10th Grade; Social Impact, Diversity, Acceptance, Inclusion in 11th Grade; and Metamorphosis in 12th Grade. We also provide a system that eases the transition into High School in our Freshman Families advisory program. Additional Signature Programs at the Upper School include The Workshop for Social, Economic, and Ecological Change; Independent Study Program; and Finals, Portfolios, and Demonstrations.