Volunteer Opportunities

The enthusiasm we feel for New Roads and its commitment to offering each student a challenging and engaging education is evident with every visit. Each and every member of our community helps create a unique educational experience, not only for your child, but for every child. Community participation makes New Roads School a model for education and an inspiration for future generations of leaders.
We invite you to join in our passion.
Board of Trustees
For more information contact Acting Head of School Ryan Hawley

Parent Village (PV)
Just as the students of New Roads comprise a mosaic of different cultures, beliefs, languages and origins, so do New Roads families. Parents come together with a shared passion for our children’s education and the common values on which our community is based – personal, social, political, and moral understanding, and respect for the humanity and ecology of the world.

For more information, contact carosales@newroads.org.

Alumni Association
The Alumni Association is volunteer-led and committed to serve and unite alumni in a life-long relationship with one another and the school. Alumni Association assures the School’s continued strength through our ongoing support and advocacy. 

For more information contact the Development Office at 310-828-5582 x 502.

Special Events (fundraising and friend-raising)
New Roads holds many events throughout the year to come together as a community and to help raise funds for our great programs. Visit the Support section for more information.

Annual Events include our All School Picnic (September) and Kaleidoscope (Spring).

For more information contact carosales@newroads.org.