Village Conversations

We believe in the importance of public discourse and village conversations. Our ongoing Village Conversations and Change Maker Speaker Series typifies how we engage and open our community to propel significant conversations guided by people who are shaping our world through activism and thought leadership. Malcolm Gladwell, Sekou Andrews, Professor Lisa Randall, Diana Nyad, David Sedaris, The Landfill Harmonic, Meb Keflezighi, Nick Kristof, Bryonn Bain, and Holly Goldberg Sloan are some of the local and international guests who have enriched the intellectual discourse within and across our community.

In response to the evolving challenges posed by the Novel Coronavirus, New Roads recently launched a series of community conversations to nourish and support our integrative approach to education and well-being. We welcome peerless practitioners to guide community learning.

The insights, wisdom and strategies provided by our exceptional guests can be enjoyed via the recordings below:
    • Molly Carroll

Molly Carroll 

Human Connection
    • Dave Mochel

    • Dolly Klock

    • Justin Michael Williams

For more information about any of these speakers,  please email Director of Community Engagement Mark Vickers-Willis .