Elementary School

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  • Wellness/Physical Education

    Elementary School physical education stresses gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and general fitness; this moves to more specific skills as children mature. Leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, empathy, and positive self-image are encouraged throughout all grades. Team sports include basketball and soccer starting in 4th grade. An emphasis on breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are also interwoven into the program. Wellness is offered three times a week.
  • Technology

    True to the tides of the 21st century, the use of technology is both seamless and scrutinized. Students learn keyboarding skills, internet use, research skills, Google apps, and digital media skills. IPad apps are carefully chosen to reinforce reading, math, and language. In Grades 2–5, students work on multimedia projects as well as basic word-processing, spreadsheet, and drawing applications. New Roads is a cross-platform school, using iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks depending on the activity and need. Coding is offered as a second language, facilitating familiarity in designing commands for purpose and cross applying these skills to new platforms.

Middle School

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  • Electives Overview

    Our electives program is intentionally broad to pique the curiosity of our students. Electives include the arts, academics and wellness. Our electives are diverse, reflecting our philosophical commitment to the value of the nonlinear creative process and the full development of each unique individual and their creative thinking and expression. New Roads has developed an elective program that allows students to choose from among several classes each semester. Although different in style and modality, our hope is that all students begin to learn and explore the ways our common humanity and cultural differences are expressed in artistic creation and perception.
  • Visual Arts

    Conceptual Clothing
    Conceptual Clothing II
    Dream Home
    Introduction to 2D Art
    Introduction to 3D Art
    Murals & Installations
    Photography Processes
    Small Scale Sculpture I & II (Sculpture & Jewelry Design)
    The Art of the Film
    Art of the Journal
  • Performance Arts

    Drama - Improv
    Glee/Vocal Music
    Guitar/ Bass l
    Guitar/ Bass ll
    MS Brass
    Music Production
    Pop Ensemble
  • Film, Digital Media and Computer Science

    Game Design
    Introduction to Animation Introduction to Digital Media Video Shorts (Level 1 & 2)
  • Academic Electives

    Advanced Robotics
    Creative Writing
    Kitchen Chemistry
    Science Odyssey
    Speech & Debate
  • Wellness/Physical Education

    Dance Ensemble
    Dance Fitness
    Foundations of Dance
    Hip Hop
    Group Games
    Sports Fundamentals

Upper School

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  • Dance

    Dance Company
    Dance Studio
    Dance Technique: Hip Hop
    Dance Technique: Jazz/Modern
  • Drama

    Drama 1-4, Honors
    Improv Team
    Technical Theater
  • Music

    Band (Jazz Band, Rock Band)
    Chamber Music (Orchestra, Strings) Music Production 1-4
    Music Theory
    Vocal Arts
    World Music 1-3
  • Visual Arts

    Visual Art 1
    Visual Art 2
    Visual Art 3: Figure Drawing
    Visual Art 4, Honors: Studio Art/Portfolio Graphic Design: Yearbook  
    Conceptual Clothing 1-2
    Costume Shop
    Photography 1-4
  • Film, Digital Media & Computer Science

    Film Literacy and Production
    This program introduces students to the latest techniques and application of technology. Courses help nurture their self-expression through creativity, strengthen their technical skills, develop their problem-solving, and provide them with foundational theories and procedures to create/ understand thought-provoking media. Our main goal is to allow students the opportunity to learn by “doing.” Every student will be given the chance to bring their imagination to life through courses such as Film Analysis, Film Production 1-7, Film Theory 1-2, Director's Workshop, and Screenwriting 1-4.

    Digital Media
    Our Digital Media program combines creativity with exercises and activities that result in fluency in the language of technology and in employing it to innovate. Some of the Upper School courses we offer include Animation 1-3, Computer Science 1-4 (Honors), and Photoshop.
  • Other Electives

    Creative Writing 1-4
    Speech & Debate
    Sports Leadership
    Sports Media
    Student Leadership Council