Habits of Mind

New Roads encourages students to:
  1. Use innate curiosity, creativity and imagination to pursue an inquiry and organize and synthesize appropriately complex understandings;
  2. Be willing to take creative, intellectual, and aesthetic risks with both familiar and new information in all areas of study;
  3. Evaluate evidence for its relevance to an inquiry and formulate justifiable solutions;
  4. Appropriately question the authority of history as well as use it to understand the present.

Habits of Character

New Roads prepares students to:
  1. Become conscientious decision-makers who consider the well-being of the community with respect to equity, social justice and ecological balance;
  2. Listen deeply, respond with compassion and attempt to resolve conflict through discourse and cooperation;
  3. Understand and overcome personal biases and prejudices with respect to race, ethnicity, gender and other human differences, and demonstrate open-minded appreciation for other cultures and perspectives;
  4. Act with courage and respect in the face of conflict and injustice.

Tools for Effective Participation

New Roads provides students the tools to:
  1. Read, write, speak and communicate effectively;
  2. Demonstrate scientific and mathematical literacy;
  3. Understand and express social, political, economic, moral and ecological awareness;
  4. Understand how the arts affect social and cultural environments;
  5. Participate and cooperate in athletics and the arts;
  6. Solve problems non-violently;
  7. Respect the ideas and learning styles of others.