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Board of Trustees

In 1995, energized by the excitement of discovery and new beginnings, we founded a school based upon fundamental commitments to diversity, opportunity, open-minded exploration and caring, and responsible engagement with the world within and beyond the boundaries of our campus. We did this because it was right, and we believed in it. Today it is still right, we believe in it more than ever, and it has become a practical imperative in our rapidly evolving, increasingly interconnected world. We no longer live in insular communities – tangible or virtual; we participate in a worldwide economy and a globalized marketplace, making diversity and comfort with all that diversity entails a basic requirement for 21st century education and existence.

Although New Roads is no longer “new”, those of us who are charged with maintaining the school’s mission remain energized and focused on the possibilities ahead to discover new paths to excellence, opportunity, and engagement with the issues of our time.

The Board of Trustees cultivates an open dialogue with our community. Please contact to share your thoughts.

For more information about independent school Boards, please see the National Association of Independent School's Major Responsibilities of Independent School Boards.

Emily Alexander
Emily Alexander has two children at New Roads. Emily is a partner at Thomas, Alexander, Forrester & Sorensen LLP, a law firm located in Venice, CA. She joined the Board of Trustees in 2013 and is its Chair.

Why I Serve:
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve New Roads because in addition to providing a superb progressive education to my girls, the school serves a purpose beyond that of a typical independent school -- a purpose that some may view as overly idealistic and out of reach. We disagree: for over 20 years, New Roads has provided a place where students, faculty and staff of genuinely diverse backgrounds, economic status, ethnicities, learning styles, beliefs, and experiences (among other differences) can learn together in an environment of respect and authentic kindness. This is not simply a “good” thing to do; it adds unique richness to the educational experience that all of us (including me as a parent) will reap the benefits from for the rest of our lives. For me it is imperative that a community like New Roads exist, and I chair the Board in order to support the school in every way I can. New Roads gives back many multiples of what you put into it; I and my children are extremely fortunate to be its beneficiaries. Thank you New Roads.
Glen Kraemer
Among their three children, Glen Kraemer and his wife Natalie have one New Roads School graduate (’14), and one current Upper School student. Twenty years ago, Glen co-founded the law firm Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP, an employment law and higher education boutique dedicated to ensuring institutional “best practices” in preventing and responding to discrimination, harassment, bullying, and campus and workplace violence. Glen co-manages HK’s offices in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Napa. In addition, following many years as a Vice President of the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters Board of Directors, Glen had the honor of serving as the first Chairperson of the OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center Board of Directors. This is his second year serving on the Board of Trustees.

Why I Serve
Working with the New Roads Board brings together two passionate interests: the welfare of children and the education of young adults. I am dedicated to the support of the essential ideals associated with the New Roads educational philosophy. In my professional work as Pomona College’s external General Counsel, I see first-hand the results of a pedagogical commitment to nurturing an authentic global perspective, honoring the power and resonance of diversity in cultural, racial and social experience, and providing a compassionate educational foundation fostering intellectual curiosity, innovation, and academic and moral empowerment for all New Roads students and families.
Marla Mayer
Vice Chair
Marla Mayer serves as the Vice Chair of the Board, which she joined in 2014. She has two children at New Roads: Aidan is a college freshman and Helena is a junior. They have been at New Roads since 2013 when the family moved from New York City. Marla spent 18 years of her career at Goldman Sachs and has been fully engaged in investing, philanthropy and family since she left.

Why I Serve
New Roads is a school that allows each student to express him/herself fully in an accepting environment. I am proud to serve as a New Roads Trustee not only because my two teenage children are having formative experiences, but also because of what New Roads IS. New Roads IS an incredibly diverse educational community and every day is redefining the future of education -- in Los Angeles, our country and our world.

Our community of families and teachers looks like the city of Los Angeles, which looks and acts and thinks like our ever changing world. Difference is truly part of the New Roads DNA - and all of our students get to experience and celebrate this every day. By the time they graduate, they are ready to be active citizens making a difference. Their voices are heard. They respect differences. They work well with all types of people with a wide range of viewpoints.

All of this exists today in a progressive and rigorous educational environment that prepares them for college and for life beyond. Thank you, New Roads.
Harvey Motulsky
Harvey Motulsky joined board in 2105, and serves as Treasurer.

Why I Serve
I began my career in basic research in pharmacology at the UCSD med school but switched focus to help scientists do a better job of statistics and data analysis. I founded a thriving software company (GraphPad Software), wrote two textbooks, serve as an associate editor of a scientific journal, and am on an international committee which is trying to set standards to improve the reproducibility of scientific results.
We chose New Roads for my youngest (of four) when we moved here from Seattle. New Roads was by far the best fit for her. I serve on the board because New Roads is truly unique in that it actually is diverse (and doesn't just talk about it) and provides educational opportunities to many kids who otherwise would not thrive. Most of our charitable giving has been to organizations around the world that provide unique educational opportunities (my wife serves on the two such boards) and New Roads fits right in.
Ora Nadrich
Ora Nadrich has two sons who graduated from New Roads, Jake in 2011 and Ben in 2018. Ora is a published author, a certified Life Coach, and a Mindfulness Meditation teacher.
Why I Serve
My family became members of the New Roads community when my older son, Jake, enrolled as a junior in high school. We were so impressed with New Roads’ philosophy of supporting students of diversity, and their unique, progressive education, that we were thrilled to have our son, Ben, enroll the school as a 6th grader. Without hesitation, I knew I wanted to help support the school in addition to being a parent, and I was honored to join the Board of Trustees in 2014. I am excited to be a part of the ongoing growth, and commitment to excellence that New Roads is dedicated to, and happy to support a school that truly believes in helping children of different learning styles, ethnicities, and who come from different economic backgrounds. I not only am committed to supporting New Roads as a board member, but am an avid advocate in bringing other families to the school who can benefit from such a rich, and diverse education for their children.
Justine Schreyer Lewin
Justine Schreyer Lewin has two sons currently at New Roads, Evan in 6th grade and Jordan in 9th grade. Justine is a Clinical Social Worker who presently devotes her time and energy toward volunteering in communities that she embraces, New Roads being a priority. She is the Secretary of the board.
Why I Serve
My dedication to New Roads is both personal and philosophic. My older son is in his second year at the School, and our entire family feels so fortunate to have discovered such an engaging, welcoming, and distinct school community. In addition to being grateful to have joined the New Roads family, I zealously embrace the School's commitment to providing an authentic, rich, and meaningful education to a genuinely diverse group of learners. I truly believe that New Roads' mission is revolutionary, and I am honored to be able to devote my experience, passion, and dedication toward helping ensure the School's ongoing success and vitality.
Sean Scott
Sean Scott has served two terms as a trustee. She is a professor of law at Loyola Law School, where she has taught for the past 25 years. Her daughter attended both New Roads middle and high school, and graduated in 2012.

Why I Serve
I am honored to serve on the Board. New Roads School provides an educational experience that is academically, socially, and emotionally transformative. It is a school that truly lives its mission; its values of diversity, academic excellence, inclusion and social justice permeate the institution. There is a critical need to have a school with these values in Los Angeles, for the children educated with these values will go forth and transform the world. I am profoundly grateful to be a part of safeguarding the mission of New Roads School.
Elliott Williams
Elliott Williams is proud to become a member of the board this year. When he is not involved in some form of production, he is embarrassing his daughter by cheering her on in middle school.
Why I Serve
I think it is imperative to be engaged in your community and contribute fully to the things you care about. As a part of the parent community at a progressive independent academic institution, it is incumbent upon all able-bodied individuals to fully participate so the organization can make a difference. But it's more than that. I can't see a better way to help the global community than by helping to create the conditions where the next generation can become sympathetic/empathetic contributors to society. Our next generation of leaders must know more than self-centered success and that their major breakthroughs, small or large, need to positively impact other people. At New Roads, the goal is to nurture children who will be reminding us of our social responsibilities while they lead our world in directions we never could imagine. I am happy to make a contribution to that transition.
Mark Windham
Mark Windham is a Superior Court Judge and parent of a tenth grader. Our family is in our eleventh year at the school. My family has been actively involved since our son was in Kindergarten. I am serving a second term as a trustee, having previously served as board chair. I helped to create and coach our debate team and continue to serve as its advisor.

Why I Serve
My contributions honor and celebrate the joyous community of our unique school, founded to fulfill a vital mission; a home for individualism with a social consciousness.
Our students show uncommon wisdom and emotional intelligence, the intentional result of signature programs delivered by emotionally gifted teachers. Our wonderful parent community reinforces these same humane values which inform the academic and social dimensions of campus life.

Our beautiful diversity, coupled with a mission-driven curriculum makes our school unique. What is morally right also enhances learning, through better collaboration and problem solving for a rapidly changing world. This is what inspires my service.

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New Roads School is a college preparatory K-12 private independent school in Santa Monica, CA, serving over 650 school age children from the greater Los Angeles area. New Roads School provides an inspired educational program from which an authentically diverse student population, mirroring the rich diversity of Los Angeles, develops a personal dedication to learning, a respect for independent thinking, and an expanding curiosity about the world and its people.