tuition & fees

Application Fee: $125
Non-refundable, due with application for each child

Student Enrollment Fee:  $1,600 
Non-refundable, one-time fee per new student

Financial Aid Information


Tuition increases are determined each year at the Board of Trustees Budget Meeting held in February. Please call after February 20, 2014 to find out what the increase will be.

FYI - the 2013/2014 tuitions are: 
Grades K-5:  $25,540
Grades 6-12:  $31,735
Spectrum Program:  $40,100

Deposit: $2,800
Non-refundable, this deposit is applied to tuition, and is due with your signed contract.

Tuition Refund Plan

**Percentage TBA (2013/2014 rate was 1.8%).
This insurance is under-written by a third party and provides for a percentage of refund of your tuition in the event of separation from the school during the year.

Supplies-Activity Fee

Grades:  K-5:   $600
Grades:  6-8:  $700
Grades:  9-11:  $800
Grade 12:    $900

This is a yearly fee to cover costs of instructional materials, supplies and copying fees, school publications (including yearbook), lab fees, testing fees, trip fees, athletics, and other miscellaneous fees. Some Art classes will have an additional materials fee.

Optional Charges (Grades K-5)

Afterschool Care until 5:45 pm: 
$1,500 per semester

Occasional Care:
$25 per day

Plant and Grounds Fee:  $1,000

These funds will go towards developing and maintaining our growing, green, thriving campuses.  If you are receiving financial assistance, your fee will be reduced commensurate with your aid award.

Please understand, the Plant and Grounds Fee is not a gift and is not a part of our fundraising efforts.  Families will be asked to support New Roads by giving to Kaleidoscope, the Annual Giving Drive, and making larger gifts to the school.

Payment Plan Options

(only available after your deposit has been paid)

One Payment PlanTotal tuition due by July 1, 2014

Two-payment PlanHalf tuition due by July 1, 2014;
Second half of tuition due January 1, 2014
(includes finance charges)

Ten-payment Plan: Ten equal monthly payments from July 1, 2014 to April 1, 2015 (includes finance charges)


In order to create and maintain excellence in the diversity of our educational programs and student population, develop the physical plant, address construction needs, and create and increase the endowment, the Board of Trustees will adopt a fund-raising plan to meet our goals through four important programs: 

Annual Giving:  This campaign helps close the gap between tuition income and the actual cost of educating each student.  The purpose of Annual Giving is to support the school's ongoing operational needs.

Capital Campaign:  The school will actively seek individual contributions to support renovation and expansion of the New Roads campus.

Parent Association Special Events:  The New Roads School Parent Association's fund-raising will focus on operating programs, while the Board of Trustees will focus on Financial Aid and Faculty Endowment Funds.  Families will be encouraged to participate in the development of the school's annual giving and capital campaigns and to support Parent Association activities that advance the school's goals.