Involvement and support are essential parts of New Roads’ success. Our community – students, parents, grandparents, alumni, other friends and supporters -- ensure that New Roads remains an extraordinary place. Giving and volunteering are concrete ways that you can make a difference for New Roads School and help make us stronger.

New Roads School devotes a minimum of 40% of our tuition dollars each year to need-based financial assistance. This program supports the rich diversity of our school community and makes it a unique place for all of our students. But it also requires the active and robust participation of our families and other philanthropic partners to raise the funds that make this vision possible and keep New Roads extraordinary.

We need everyone’s help! Every family is encouraged to be a part of the New Roads giving community. Whether through monetary contributions, ideas, introductions to new resources, or volunteering, your participation is welcomed. For more information about ways to get involved or support New Roads, please contact our Development staff.
Kathy Kraas - Chief Development Officer
Phone: 310-828-5582 ext. 142

Courtney Cohee – Senior Development Officer

Phone: 310-828-5582 ext. 116
Natalie Sacks– Development Assistant
Phone 310-828-5582 ext. 403