human development

Human Development, (grades 6-12) All education is “human development.” That being said, at New Roads School, we consider the following as critical elements of our Human Development Program.

Connections and Mysteries: Knowing that secondary school years are dynamic and developmentally active for young people, we are committed to helping our students sort through the personal, social, and moral challenges they encounter, and to bolstering their sense of personal well being and responsibility. Our Human Development class, called “Connections” at the Middle School and “Mysteries” at the High School focuses on empowering students to ponder and develop their own values and to make healthy life-affirming, responsible choices in their daily lives both on and off campus. In addition to teaching techniques for focused listening and speaking, working cooperatively and behaving respectfully, these classes ask young people for their honest attention to the deeper questions in their own lives and in the world with which we ask them, increasingly, to become engaged.

Psycho-Physical Education (PE): Research and practice in both the East and the West, acknowledge the close and interpenetrating natures of mind and body. New Roads acknowledges the importance of physical development as well as discovering, developing and enhancing students’ awareness of the mind-body connection. During the school day students are offered an array of physical activities, from yoga to basketball, that include basic instruction, drills, and play or practice. The program eschews extreme competition, placing greater emphasis on personal and cooperative development, and on laying the foundation for a lifetime of fitness based on the vitality of body and mind.