workshop / community action

At New Roads we take our commitment to the larger community seriously and we challenge our students to make their own unique contribution from the moment they enter school. Our combined Workshop/Community Action program engages our students in the issues of our evolving world and asks them to take action.

Each week teachers and students in the Middle and High School work in collectively designed, team-taught, contextual curriculum meetings we call “The Workshop for Social, Economic and Ecological Action.” The Workshop is a "call to attention" for students, awakening them to the fact that there are significant challenges in our lives; that New Roads is committed to their solution; and that school is a place to begin one’s engagement with the real world rather than a place to wait until the real world arrives.

The various Workshops offered each year investigate issues including global and local distribution of wealth, poverty, homelessness, racism, sexism, prejudice, children’s rights, animal cruelty, population and overpopulation, pollution, environmental protection, recycling, responsible consumption, health, nutrition, international human rights, etc. Related to, and as an outgrowth of the issues students grapple with in Workshop, all high school students must complete 60 hours of approved community service in order to graduate.