Investing in the Road Ahead - New Roads ANNUAL FUND

“The Three “R’s” are necessary but not sufficient to prepare our students for a rapidly evolving world...we need to invest in the programs that will enable our students to thrive in the world they will inherit and lead. “

- Luthern Williams, Head of School

What Part of a New Roads Education Does the Annual Fund Support? 

In a word, everything.

  • An innovative and intellectually vigorous K-12 college-preparatory curriculum
  • Top-notch performing and visual arts programs
  • Cutting-edge film and digital media classes
  • Record- setting participation and success in athletics
  • Signature programs like STREAM2 that cross academic “silos” and deepen learning.
  • Professional development to ensure exceptional teaching in every classroom
  • Learning environments that are continually enhanced to meet the needs of our students
  • A generous financial aid program ($8, 000, 000/annually) that sustains our commitment to authentic diversity, which is fundamental to preparing students personally, socially, and intellectually to lead expansive lives, built on respect for and appreciation of the humanity of others.

Education that is liberating, creative, evolving: your investment in the Annual Fund is an investment in your child's future and pays dividends for every student, every day.

Why is 100% participation in the Annual Fund Campaign so important?


Like virtually all independent schools, New Roads relies on additional funding from our community of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends to meet our actual operating costs annually. Last year, tuition accounted for 90% of our total operating budget. Fundraising made up the critical remaining 10%.

When a charitable foundation, corporate donor or ‘angel investor’ is trying to decide whether or not to support New Roads, their first question is “Do you have 100 percent support for your Annual Fund Campaign?” A resounding “YES” to this question conveys a powerful message of support for New Roads that makes donors sit up and take notice.

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For more information contact Candice Rosales, Director of Outreach, at or 310-828-5582, extension 407.
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Goal $1,300,000.00
Current $1,029,214.00
Goal Participation 100%
Current Participation 63%
As of Date 3/6/2017
Contact the Development Office:

Candice Rosales
Director of Outreach
Phone: 310-828-5582 x 407

Nancy London
Chief Strategy Officer
Phone: 310-828-5582 x 233

Acacia Johnson
Advancement and Program Development Associate
Phone: 310-828-5582 x 242

Jueun Steinhaus
Alumni Relations Manager
Phone: 310-828-5582 x 607

Raquel Castellanos
Database and Research Manager
Phone: 310-828-5582 x 142