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Poetry from New Roads Students and Teacher Published in California Anthology

Poems by lower school students Marley Eckstein, Philippa McKevitt, Isaiah Brody and teacher India Radfar have been selected for publication in Singing the Feathers of Freedom. The annual anthology features poetry by students and teachers across California.

Featured poems can be read below, and Singing the Feathers of Freedom can be purchased here.

Oh, Why Not?
by Marley Eckstein

Hamburger Party
World Sandwich
Super Cactus Pineapple
Sharp Umbrella
Fantastic Fly
Cave Cakes
Scratchy Hair

by Phillipa McKevitt

Together we welcome
Together we have a wonderful night
Together we drink a hot cup of tea
Together we write multiple poems
Together we laugh in the rolling waves
Together we cook a careful cake full of love
Ingredients one by one
1 cup of hope
2 cups of togetherness
3 cups of wonderful nights
4 cups of hot tea
5 cups of multiple poems
6 cups of laughing in rolling waves
100 cups of love pure pure love
All together
All wonderful nights
All drink a cup of hot tea
All write multiple poems
All laughing in the rolling waves
All cooking a careful cake

By Isaiah Brody


                              line    is    still.




well covered
by India Radfar

Sunlight, stay in me now
I am well covered now

bud, turn to leaf
I am well covered now

dream, come to fruition
I am well covered now

leaf, spiral to earth
I am well covered now

root to branch
branch to tree

well covered, well covered

vista, seed
near, far

well covered, well covered

total release
only fire can burn me now

let it burn

well covered, well covered

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