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12th Graders Organize Seeds of Peace Dinner and Dialogue

Over 100 students from private, public, and charter schools across Los Angeles County came to New Roads for the Seeds of Change dinner and Dialogue on April 30. Organized and led entirely by seniors LeRoya Sanford and Betsey Lee and the other students in the Seeds of Peace workshop, the Dinner and Dialogue provided a forum to discuss education and education-related issues and openly exchange experiences and ideas.

"This was an amazing event, and I’m so lucky to have been able to organize and participate in it. We had a really fascinating dialogue, and all the students had different opinions and ideas to share, which made the experience really inspiring," said Betsey Lee.

New Roads teacher and Seeds of Peace faculty advisor Akunna Uka explains, "The Dinner and Dialogue provides a space for students from racially, geographically, and socio-economically diverse backgrounds to have an honest conversation about education.

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