Herb Alpert Educational Village

The Herb Alpert Educational Village: A New Road for Education

New Roads School is the hub of the Herb Alpert Educational Village, a unique place that brings together organizations that share common purposes, allowing them to do more collectively than they could individually to benefit society. We realize the value of collaborative community partnerships that are mutually nourishing and bring about positive social transformation. Engagement in the wider community is vital to ensure that we are institutionally porous, leveraging our local context to enhance and promote relevant, meaningful, and connected learning that serves the common good. As a “private school with a public heart,” we seek to connect with other individuals and organizations that can help us deepen our teaching and learning in ways that serve our mission as well as the wider community.

A village approach to education makes sense. In a modern context, this village concept is both literal and figurative, leveraging relationships within and without. As this timeless organizational principle has been more fully realised through partnerships, internships, workshops, field trips, and regular speakers, it is evident that for teaching and learning to be adaptive and responsive to the needs of the community, the classroom must extend beyond the boundary of the school campus. Situated in the heart of Santa Monica’s Bergamot Area, the school sits within (and engages with) a precinct of creativity and innovation that is second to none. Surrounded by businesses and organizations that are shaping today and influencing tomorrow, our village has become an integrative system of complex and nurturing relationships that interdependently present learning experiences for our students and meet the needs of the local, national and global context.

Conceived in 2014, our Change Maker Speaker Series typifies how we engage and open our community to propel significant conversations guided by people who are shaping our world through activism and thought leadership. Malcom Gladwell, Sekou Andrews, Professor Lisa Randall, Diana Nyad, David Sedaris, The Landfill Harmonic, Meb Keflezighi, Nick Kristof, Bryonn Bain, and Holly Goldberg Sloan are some of the local and international guests who have enriched the intellectual discourse within and across our community.

Fueled by authentic diversity, New Roads offers an ideal laboratory for the exploration, testing, and measurement of disruptive, meaningful, joyous, and effective approaches to pedagogy and community engagement - redefining the potential and purpose of the independent school model. One of the vehicles for the realization of this model is the Center For The Common Good, a partnership between the Herb Alpert Foundation and New Roads School.

Other partners who support the development of this educational model include:
We the People of New Roads were made for this moment — it's why we were founded as a school. Solidarity and allyship are in our DNA. And we will continue to educate and liberate our youth to build a more equitable tomorrow.