To be prepared for success in our rapidly-evolving world, students need to be nimble, adaptable, open to new ideas and changing circumstances, and comfortable with an array of classmates and colleagues. Our students represent the full racial, cultural, and socio-economic diversity of Greater Los Angeles, and manifest the richness of their unique experiences through their collective activities on campus.

All School Meetings

Nowhere is the feeling of the New Roads experience better represented than during weekly All School Meetings. At these meetings, each campus gathers to discuss issues affecting the school, the students, and the larger community. Anyone who wishes to may speak; to advocate, cajole, honor, applaud, celebrate, vent, organize or inform.

Student Council

Student Council is the manifestation of our mission at work. The faculty-supervised Student Council is responsible for planning and implementing activities, representing the School at conferences and serving as liaison between the student body and the administration. Student Council aims its energy at strengthening the sense of community, both on and off campus, for everyone connected to the school. While the majority of the work centers on political involvement, social justice and environmental action, Student Council also incorporates frivolous fun into life on campus.