faculty highlights


If students are our reason for being…and they are…then faculty are our way of being. New Roads teachers embody the excellence, inclusiveness, diversity, creativity, and commitment that lie at the heart of our mission.

Representing the ‘best and the brightest’ in their respective fields of study, our teachers model lifelong learning for our students by continuously seeking opportunities to grow as professionals.

New Roads Secondary School Teachers Chosen to Present at Progressive Education Network (PEN) National Conference, The Serious Work of Keeping Joy in Learning:

Ronan Hallowell, (history), Zelda Harris ( English), and Scott Roewe (music) Present Integrated Workshop Singing for Social Justice: Examining History and Society Through Music.

Through an interactive simulation of the New Roads’ Singing for Social Justice class Scott, Ronan and Zelda open up a playful space where the relationship between history and contemporary issues of social justice are explored in an uplifting manner. The group presents songs with social justice impact, and asks workshop participants to share their knowledge of the social and historic events that prompted these forms of expression, while considering the contemporary relevance of the music and lyrics..

Sixth Grade teachers A.J. Webster, Tedd Wakeman & C4EL Director Joe Wise Present The Pedagogy of Playful Learning

In 2012 the PlayMaker Program was launched at New Roads School in partnership with GameDesk. Based on assessed play and student guided learning using no-, low-, and high-tech activities, the Program seeks to to promote intuition over memorized rules. Their PEN workshop discusses the pedagogy of playful learning, asking participants to engage in activities similar to those done in the PlayMaker program.

Second Grade Teacher Sara Beshawred Selected for Summer “Think Tank” at Columbia Teachers College

In her ongoing pursuit of “best practices,” second grade teacher Sara Beshawred spent part of last summer as a participant in The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University. Sara was selected from among thousands of applicants to attend the week-long Reading Institute, which aims to transform elementary classrooms into “richly literate reading and writing workshops.” The program explores state-of-the-art methods for reading instruction and assessment, and examines tools for developing literacy-rich content. “I sought out this particular opportunity because of how passionately I support its mission: to help young people become avid and skilled readers, writers, and inquirers,” said Sara.