A New Road For Education

Since 1995, New Roads has been on a journey of cultivating a learning climate and culture that liberates the potential of each young person and develops their capacity to embrace the full spectrum of humanity and to respect the earth. 

New Roads’ foundational commitment to democratizing opportunity has necessitated reflective, responsive and evolving pedagogical practice in order to meet the students where they are intellectually, emotionally, socio-economically, racially and culturally and to invite them to develop their unique gifts. The program tears down the artificial wall between school and life, offering relevant, personalized, and contextual learning experiences that tap into intrinsic motivation and spark creative and innovative solutions, drawing on a variety of disciplines, to complex real-world problems. This creates a generative environment where students can explore, construct, and share their authentic emergent identity through an integrative learning process that honors the differences and promotes compassionate linkages, revealing the interconnected nature of reality, the self, others, and the environment.

With a mindful and compassionate awareness of themselves and others, young people experience the generative, transformative potential and benefits of an authentically diverse community. Young people and adults learn to appreciate, embrace, and leverage the unique attributes, experiences, and backgrounds of each person in our community, and they feel seen, heard, and valued. Through the encounter with all forms of diversity, they develop confidence in expressing their authentic self, learn about the rich complexity of the human experience, enrich their knowledge of the world and its peoples, nourish their capacity for kindness, compassion, and empathy, expand their perspectives, acknowledge the interconnected nature of reality, and serve the common good.

Through our collaboration with Dr. Dan Siegel, we have clarified the research foundation, grounded in interpersonal neuroscience and neurobiology, of the “magic” of New Roads School. These concepts undergird our Integrative Educational Model: relationships anchored in Secure Attachment; personalized education fueled by authentic diversity and technology; and climate and culture - the soil for Generative Social Fields. 

Fueled by authentic diversity, New Roads is redefining the potential and purpose of the Independent school model and paving a new road for education and our global community.