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Financial Aid

New Roads School was founded on the fundamental principle of inclusion. More than most schools, we actively seek a mosaic of broad and genuine diversity in our community -- diversity of talents, interests, learning profiles, achievements, races, cultures, economic and ethnic backgrounds – and our generous financial aid program reflects and facilitates this crucial goal.

Every year New Roads School devotes between 40% and 50% of its tuition budget to need-based financial aid. This enables us to provide financial aid to more than 50% of our New Roads families. Because we believe education is a partnership among parents, students, and faculty, every family makes some financial contribution, consistent with their means, to their child’s tuition.

New Roads' financial aid program follows several guidelines:
  • Students receiving financial aid must meet the same admission requirements as all other incoming students. 
  • The decision to offer admission to a student is made prior to, and independent of, decisions to grant financial aid. 
  • All financial aid applications are confidential. 
  • Financial aid funds, while generous, are nonetheless limited; demonstrating need does not guarantee support. 
  • Financial aid is reviewed annually. If financial need continues, and if student performance is satisfactory, aid is generally continued. However, as costs and tuition increase, families can expect increases in their tuition obligations.
Factors considered in determining financial aid include:
  • Economic need of the requesting family 
  • How a grant of aid will help the school’s overall ethnic, racial, gender, cultural, and socio-economic diversity 
  • Contributions and/or challenges a student or family might bring to a school program 
  • Needs of employees of New Roads School 
  • Financial difficulties of continuing New Roads families 
  • Other children in elementary or secondary private school (Since loans are readily available for college and university study, New Roads does not consider the expense of college education for other family members in making financial aid decisions.) 
  • Savings – including those a family may designate as “college savings” 
  • Expenses for “lifestyle” choices such as vehicles, homes, vacations, club memberships, etc. 
  • Health care expenses
We make every effort to be fair and consistent in all of our deliberations and decisions at New Roads School. Financial aid decisions are particularly difficult since we wish every qualified student could attend New Roads; unfortunately, this is not possible. Failure by the school to grant the level of aid requested is by no means a commentary on the legitimacy of the request. Our Financial Aid Committee often must choose among many competing and legitimate requests. In making these challenging decisions, New Roads School reserves the right to consider additional factors not specifically set forth above.

If you are considering applying to New Roads School, and you believe that you might qualify for financial aid, please follow these instructions:

Click on this NRSFAST link. All financial aid applications are processed online through FAST. Complete the online financial aid application, upload your 2018 federal taxes, W-2's and/or 1099's. (Applications submitted without these items will not be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee until these items are received. There is a $45 non-refundable financial aid application fee in order to process your FAST application, payable by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.)

When you have completed all components of your financial aid application, the Financial Aid Committee will review the information. If the Financial Aid Committee requires further verification of your submitted tax information, you will be asked to complete an IRS Form 4506. Parents are assured that all information submitted will be kept in the strictest confidence. If an award is not satisfactory, an appeal may be made to the Financial Aid Committee. Non-custodial parents may be required to submit detailed financial statements, depending on circumstances.

Financial Aid Deadlines
February 8, 2019 (new applicant families)
February 22, 2019 (current NRS families)

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