about us

Walter Landberg
Head Of School

Our world is changing at a pace we would all have found unimaginable even ten years ago. More than ever before, young people need the skills to think critically and creatively, the confidence to approach novel situations with ease, the insight to engage others with understanding and compassion, an appreciation for the things that make each of us unique, and the wisdom to see the many ways in which we are all the same.   It is no longer enough that students graduate with a solid foundation in the ‘stuff of traditional education.’  To be successful in our continuously evolving world, young people must gain the insight, intelligence and courage to recognize and create patterns and connections that will allow them to participate in our common future.

Our New Roads community is culturally and economically diverse, our teachers enthusiastic, demanding and passionate, and our program challenging, interesting and fun.  We hope our website will give you a flavor of our community, but we know that the ‘printed’ word is never a substitute for spending time and visiting.  We invite you to come and see for yourself.