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Dear New Roads Village,
In my August summer letter to our Village, I committed New Roads as an institution to doing its part to address the climate crisis: “Given the community that we aspire to be, our village, New Roads, must respond by more consciously and mindfully doing our part to deal with the climate crisis and to develop a more healthful and sustainable relationship with our earth. In our Statement of Philosophy, we commit ourselves to ‘behaving responsibly and honorably as individuals and as an institution, and serving the larger ecological and social community.’

“Even within our small community, this seems a herculean, nearly impossible task. But as Nelson Mandela reminded us, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ Although we don’t know all the answers, and the road to making progress on the climate crisis will be complex and challenging, we have no choice but to begin the process.” Like Greta, I want us to say we did everything we could.

Since the summer, New Roads has courageously and boldly embarked on the untravelled road towards environmental sustainability. As I had hoped, the New Roads village heeded my call, diving profoundly into the complexity of the climate crisis to understand the fundamental nature of the challenge. During our exploration, we uncovered the opportunity: environmental sustainability requires a paradigm shift, offering us the chance to live differently, guided by a consciousness of connectedness to ourselves, to others, and to the earth. I am so grateful to be on this journey of awakening with our New Roads family.

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The New Roads Advantage

In a school that mirrors the socio-economic, cultural, and racial diversity of Los Angeles, New Roads students are challenged daily to question their own worldview, assumptions, perspectives, and righteousness. We are inspired by the promise that our students represent for the future of democracy.