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Consider travelling to New Roads School on the Big Blue Bus, the Metro Expo Light Rail (coming soon to Santa Monica), by bicycle (Santa Monica Bicycle Routes) or on foot (Santa Monica Walking Routes). These environmentally friendly transportation options help reduce traffic.

Questions about getting to New Roads? Contact Raphie Gray, Transportation Coordinator.

Student Transportation Options
School Bus Transportation:
New Roads School offers year-round bus service to specific geographic areas.

Cost: Each family’s cost will depend on the amount of financial aid they are receiving from new Roads, so that the cost for transportation remains proportionate to overall tuition costs.
$2750 for families that pay 100%
$1400    50%
$715      25%
$295      10%

Carpool Transportation:
Beginning this upcoming 2015/2016 school year, all student drivers must carpool. The cost for a 3+ person space is $750 a year. In rare instances, parking will be permitted for two person cars. The cost for a two person space is $1,000 per year.

Carpool options are also available for families. Connect with other families in your geographical area.

Big Blue Bus Transportation:
New Roads School offers free monthly bus passes to qualifying students. Please contact the financial aid office to see if your student meets the qualifications.