In 1995, energized by the excitement of discovery and new beginnings, we founded a school based upon fundamental commitments to diversity, opportunity, open-minded exploration and caring, and responsible engagement with the world within and beyond the boundaries of our campus. We did this because it was right, and we believed in it. Today it is still right, we believe in it more than ever, and it has become a practical imperative in our rapidly evolving, increasingly interconnected world. We no longer live in insular communities – tangible or virtual; we participate in a worldwide economy and a globalized marketplace, making diversity and comfort with all that diversity entails a basic requirement for 21st century education and existence.

Although New Roads is no longer “new”, those of us who are charged with maintaining the school’s mission remain energized and focused on the possibilities ahead to discover new paths to excellence, opportunity, and engagement with the issues of our time.

Board of Trustees 2015/2016

Emily Alexander*
Vice-Chair of the Board
Thomas, Alexander & Forester LLP
Los Angeles, CA

David Linde*
Member At-Large
Lava Bear Films
Los Angeles, CA 
Santiago & Laura Rosales
Owners, C&S Nursery
Los Angeles, CA
Art Antin*
Board Chair Emeritus
Sr. Vice President/COO, Veterinary Centers of America, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Pamela Litvack
Community Activist
Los Angeles, CA
Andy Rose
Composer/Music Producer
Santa Monica, CA
Suzy Amis Cameron
Founder, MUSE Elementary
Malibu, CA
Marla Mayer*
Community Volunteer
Santa Monica, CA

Icilda Sanford
CEO Elite Financial Services
Retirement Specialist, First Financial Security
Los Angeles, CA

Susanne Daniels
President, MTV Programming
Los Angeles, CA 
Dr. Harvey Motulsky
CEO & Founder
GraphPad Software, Inc.
La Jolla, CA

Dr. Robert Singer
Founding Curator of the Japanese Pavilion
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles, CA

Joel Deutsch
Partner, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP
Los Angeles, CA
Sam Mudie
President, Hilton Creek Community Services District
Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Stephens
Community Activist
Los Angeles, CA
David R. Fried
President, Fried Asset
Management, Inc.
Pacific Palisades, CA
Ora Nadrich
Life Coach
Pacific Palisades, CA
Nathaniel Trives
Former Mayor, City of Santa Monica, Community Activist
Santa Monica, CA

Bernhard Fritsch
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO
Santa Monica/Malibu, CA

Tami Pflug
Community Activist
Los Angeles, CA
Josh Welsh
President, Film Independent
Los Angeles, CA 

Joshua Hofheimer
Sidly Austin LLP
Los Angeles, CA

Richard Rappaport 
CEO, Westpark Capital
Los Angeles, CA

Honorable Mark E. Windham*
Chair of the Board
Superior Court Judge
Los Angeles, CA
Walter Landberg
Head of New Roads School
Santa Monica, CA   


* Executive Committee